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JACK2 v1.9.22 release falkTX
jack-example-tools release 4 falkTX
jack-example-tools release 3 falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.21 release falkTX
New Session Manager v1.6.0 nils
jack-example-tools release 2 falkTX
New Session Manager v1.5.3 nils
jack-example-tools release 1 falkTX
JACK1 v0.126.0 and JACK2 v1.9.20 releases falkTX
macOS and Windows nightly builds falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.19 release falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.18 release falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.17 release falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.16 quick hot-fix (for v1.9.15) falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.15 release and current status falkTX
JACK-Session has been marked as deprecated falkTX
JACK mailing list is back! falkTX
Website infrastructure changes falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.14 release falkTX
Past, Present and Future of the JACK Audio Connection Kit (in video form) falkTX
Meta-data pages restored falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.13 release falkTX
JACK2 v1.9.12 release and future plans falkTX