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JACK2 v1.9.22 release

Posted on by falkTX

A new version of JACK2 has just been released.
You can grab the latest release source code at and macOS/Windows installers at

This release focuses on fixing build compatibility with python3.11 and finally removing the examples and tools (as mentioned in previous releases).

The official JACK2 changelog is:

  • The waf autooption --example-tools has been removed. The example clients and tools are no longer part of the jack2 project.
  • Drop dependencies that were only used for example clients and tools (readline, sndfile and zita libs)
  • Fix build with python3.11+
  • Fix compatibility with macOS 12+
  • Fix ringbuffer thread safety on ARM

External changes, related to macOS/Windows installer:

  • Update QjackCtl used in macOS/Windows installers to 0.9.9