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JACK mailing list is back!

On by falkTX

The mailing list for the JACK Audio project is back! You can now find it here.

The archive was restored, but not the subscriber list (due to technical difficulties). You will have to re-subscribe in order to keep using the JACK mailing list.

Website infrastructure changes

On by falkTX

The jackaudio Website changed its infrastructure from being self-hosted and generated by a script, to being built and hosted by GitHub.

The main reason for this was to easily make the publishing of the static files automatic. Although it is definitely possible to do this without GitHub, why waste time setting up something that already exists?

This means changes made by a pull-request that get merged into master, will immediately be visible in the website, without anyone having to run scripts or click more buttons.

Note that a fallback solution is in place in case something goes wrong with GitHub (which is basically going back to what we had before).

Also, the way to create posts (like these) has changed. The README for the website has more details.

JACK2 v1.9.14 release

On by falkTX

A new version of JACK2 has just been released.
You can grab the latest release source code at

The official changelog is:

This release is mainly for the mixed mode and DBus device reservation fixes.
A few distributions need those, and since not everyone is happy taking “random” git commits, a proper release is needed.
So there you go - a new release. :)

Past, Present and Future of the JACK Audio Connection Kit (in video form)

On by falkTX

A few weeks ago I did a talk/presentation at Sonoj, regarding the past, present and future of the JACK.

This talk was live-streamed and recorded, and now Sonoj videos are online, so you can watch this at

Meta-data pages restored

On by falkTX

Just a small heads up to mention that meta-data related pages like and have now been restored.

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