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New Session Manager v1.6.0

Posted on by nils

This is a New Session Manager feature release.


nsmd - The daemon itself

  • Now follows the XDG Base Directory Specifications.
    • Default session directory moved from ~/NSM Sessions/ to $XDG_DATA_HOME/nsm/ (see issue #gh-15)
    • The old path ~/NSM Sessions/ is still supported and has priority, for now. This may be switched off in the future.
  • Lockfiles fixed (see issue #gh-31)
    • Lockfiles are now in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/nsm/
    • Lockfiles now each contain the session path, the osc NSM_URL and the nsmd PID
    • One daemon file for each currently running nsmd is created in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/nsm/d/ containing the osc url. This enables discovery of running daemons.
  • New section in the API documentation for the above.
  • Handle write-protected session files and related errors on save. They will not crash the daemon anymore.
  • Fixes and guards against trying to load non-existing sessions and creating new sessions under existing names
  • Handle various crashes-on-exit and replace them with controlled exits.

Jackpatch Version 1.0.0 (previously 0.2.0)

  • Jackpatch will finally not “forget” connections anymore! See #gh-74
  • Add a jackpatch desktop file with X-NSM-Capable=true and X-NSM-Exec=nsm-proxy and NoDisplay=true
  • Reduce verbosity level of log ouput.
  • Document ‘hidden’ standalone (no NSM) command line mode in --help
  • Handle SIGNALs even when in standalone mode


  • Add a nsm-proxy desktop file with X-NSM-Capable=true and X-NSM-Exec=nsm-proxy and NoDisplay=true

All changes are made only on the server side, or in the tools we provide.
Existing sessions, clients, and GUIs remain 100% compatible without requiring any changes.
Except if you want to use the new session root directory, which is recommended.