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JACK2 v1.9.13 release

Posted on by falkTX

A new version of JACK2 has just been released.
You can grab the latest release source code at

The official changelog is:

  • Meta-data API implementation. (and a few tools updated with support for it)
  • Correct GPL licence to LGPL for files needed to build libjack.
  • Remove FreeBoB backend (superseded by FFADO).
  • define JACK_LIB_EXPORT, useful for internal clients.
  • Mark jack_midi_reset_buffer as deprecated.
  • Add example systemd unit file
  • Signal to systemd when jackd is ready.
  • Set “seq” alsa midi driver to maximum resolution possible.
  • Fix loading internal clients from another internal client.
  • Code cleanup and various fixes. (too many to mention here, see git log for details)

This release is focused on meta-data support, and this is why it took so long.
There might be odd cases here and there and a few bugs, as it is often the case for all software…
So please make sure to report back any issues!

Special thanks goes to Rui Nuno Capela for the initial pull-request regarding meta-data.
There was some work needed afterwards, but that was the biggest hurdle and motivation needed for a new release. :)

There are still no updated macOS or Windows builds, those will be handled at a later date.
Current plan is to have JACK1 feature-parity first (only a2jmidid and zita internal clients missing now),
and afterwards merging examples/tools and header files to be shared between JACK1 and JACK2.

The situation regarding development of JACK and JACK1 considered legacy has not changed since last release 2 years ago.
See JACK2 v1.9.12 release and future plans post for more information.

PS: I will be in Cologne for Sonoj, giving a talk about “Past, Present and Future of JACK”.
There is no registration fee, so please feel free to come by and say hello! :)