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thread.h File Reference
#include <pthread.h>
#include <jack/systemdeps.h>
#include <jack/weakmacros.h>
#include <jack/types.h>

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#define THREAD_STACK   524288


typedef int(* jack_thread_creator_t) (jack_native_thread_t *, const pthread_attr_t *, void *(*function) (void *), void *arg) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT


int jack_client_real_time_priority (jack_client_t *) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT
int jack_client_max_real_time_priority (jack_client_t *) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT
int jack_acquire_real_time_scheduling (jack_native_thread_t thread, int priority) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT
int jack_client_create_thread (jack_client_t *client, jack_native_thread_t *thread, int priority, int realtime, void *(*start_routine)(void *), void *arg) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT
int jack_drop_real_time_scheduling (jack_native_thread_t thread) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT
void jack_set_thread_creator (jack_thread_creator_t creator) JACK_OPTIONAL_WEAK_EXPORT

Detailed Description

Library functions to standardize thread creation for JACK and its clients. These interfaces hide some system variations in the handling of realtime scheduling and associated privileges.

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#define THREAD_STACK   524288