Data Fields
jack_transport_info_t Struct Reference

#include <transport.h>

Data Fields

jack_nframes_t frame_rate
jack_time_t usecs
jack_transport_bits_t valid
jack_transport_state_t transport_state
jack_nframes_t frame
jack_nframes_t loop_start
jack_nframes_t loop_end
long smpte_offset
float smpte_frame_rate
int bar
int beat
int tick
double bar_start_tick
float beats_per_bar
float beat_type
double ticks_per_beat
double beats_per_minute

Detailed Description

Deprecated struct for transport position information.

This is for compatibility with the earlier transport interface. Use the jack_position_t struct, instead.

Field Documentation

◆ bar

int jack_transport_info_t::bar

◆ bar_start_tick

double jack_transport_info_t::bar_start_tick

◆ beat

int jack_transport_info_t::beat

◆ beat_type

float jack_transport_info_t::beat_type

◆ beats_per_bar

float jack_transport_info_t::beats_per_bar

◆ beats_per_minute

double jack_transport_info_t::beats_per_minute

◆ frame

jack_nframes_t jack_transport_info_t::frame

◆ frame_rate

jack_nframes_t jack_transport_info_t::frame_rate

current frame rate (per second)

◆ loop_end

jack_nframes_t jack_transport_info_t::loop_end

◆ loop_start

jack_nframes_t jack_transport_info_t::loop_start

◆ smpte_frame_rate

float jack_transport_info_t::smpte_frame_rate

29.97, 30, 24 etc.

◆ smpte_offset

long jack_transport_info_t::smpte_offset

SMPTE offset (from frame 0)

◆ tick

int jack_transport_info_t::tick

◆ ticks_per_beat

double jack_transport_info_t::ticks_per_beat

◆ transport_state

jack_transport_state_t jack_transport_info_t::transport_state

◆ usecs

jack_time_t jack_transport_info_t::usecs

monotonic, free-rolling

◆ valid

jack_transport_bits_t jack_transport_info_t::valid

which fields are legal to read

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