jack_position_t Struct Reference

#include <transport.h>

Data Fields

Server-set fields

these cannot be set from clients; the server sets them

jack_unique_t unique_1
jack_time_t usecs
jack_nframes_t frame_rate
Mandatory fields
jack_nframes_t frame
jack_position_bits_t valid
JackPositionBBT fields

Bar:Beat.Tick-related information.

Applications that support JackPositionBBT are encouraged to also fill the JackBBTFrameOffset

int32_t bar
int32_t beat
int32_t tick
double bar_start_tick
float beats_per_bar
float beat_type
double ticks_per_beat
double beats_per_minute
JackPositionTimecode fields <br>

EXPERIMENTAL: could change

double frame_time
double next_time
jack_nframes_t bbt_offset
float audio_frames_per_video_frame
jack_nframes_t video_offset
JACK Extra transport fields
double tick_double
Other fields
int32_t padding [5]
jack_unique_t unique_2

Detailed Description

Struct for transport position information.

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