Data Fields
jack_property_t Struct Reference

#include <metadata.h>

Data Fields

const char * key
const char * data
const char * type

Detailed Description

A single property (key:value pair).

Field Documentation

const char* jack_property_t::data

The property value (null-terminated string).

const char* jack_property_t::key

The key of this property (URI string).

const char* jack_property_t::type

Type of data, either a MIME type or URI.

If type is NULL or empty, the data is assumed to be a UTF-8 encoded string (text/plain). The data is a null-terminated string regardless of type, so values can always be copied, but clients should not try to interpret values of an unknown type.

Example values:

Official types are preferred, but clients may use any syntactically valid MIME type (which start with a type and slash, like "text/..."). If a URI type is used, it must be a complete absolute URI (which start with a scheme and colon, like "http:").

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