Data Fields
_jack_session_event Struct Reference

#include <session.h>

Data Fields

jack_session_event_type_t type
const char * session_dir
const char * client_uuid
char * command_line
jack_session_flags_t flags
uint32_t future

Field Documentation

Client UUID which must be passed to jack_client_open on session load.

The client can specify this in the returned command line, or save it in a state file within the session directory.

Reply (set by client): the command line needed to restore the client.

This is a platform dependent command line. It must contain ${SESSION_DIR} instead of the actual session directory path. More generally, just as in session files, clients should not include any paths outside the session directory here as this makes archival/distribution impossible.

This field is set to NULL by Jack when the event is delivered to the client. The client must set to allocated memory that is safe to free(). This memory will be freed by jack_session_event_free.

Reply (set by client): Session flags.

Future flags. Set to zero for now.

Session directory path, with trailing separator.

This directory is exclusive to the client; when saving the client may create any files it likes in this directory.

The type of this session event.

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