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New JACK release: 0.102.20

We're pleased to present the latest JACK release: 0.102.20.

Download here

Now with experimental MIDI support!

JACK for Windows?

Stephane Letz at GRAME, of JackOSX and jackdmp (multi-processor jackd) fame, has been working on a Windows port of JACK (specifically, jackdmp), and reports early initial success. We apparently need a new ASIO backend, and there is much other work to be done, but the basics appear to work satisfactorily. The original author of JACK is preparing to eat hats, crow and his own left foot as payment for all the times he said it could not be done. Watch this space for more information as it happens.

JACK now using Subversion for development

JACK has moved away from's to its own Subversion system at Those without write access can get the absolutely current source with this command:
    svn co
You can also point a web browser at that URL to see the latest revision of all files.

JACK 0.101.1 Released

JACK 0.101.1 features:

  • Support for the FreeBob backend
  • Compiles and runs on Mactel platforms

New JACK website

In a long overdue change, JACK is now a CMS-managed website at We are using the excellent drupal CMS system. Please create accounts for yourself and help us with fleshing out the full vision of

JACK 0.100.7 released

Minor bug fixes since last release.

Notable changes:

  • Attempt to let client timeout option work again on realtime mode
  • Let jackd quit gracefully when USB soundcard or power cable is unplugged
  • Better support for US428 USB soundcard
  • SSE/E3DNow mixing support. Disabled by default. Enable with --enable-dynsimd
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