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JACK 1.9.3 released

Future JACK2 will be based on C++ jackdmp code base. Jack 1.9.3 is the "renaming" of jackdmp and the result of a lot of developments started after LAC 2008.

What is new:

- New JackBoomerDriver class for Boomer driver on Solaris.
- Add mixed 32/64 bits mode (off by default).
- Native MIDI backend (JackCoreMidiDriver, JackWinMMEDriver).
- In ALSA audio card reservation code, tries to open the card even if reservation fails.
- Clock source setting on Linux.
- Add jackctl_server_switch_master API.
- Fix transport callback (timebase master, sync) issue when used after jack_activate (RT thread was not running).

JACK 1.9.2 released

Future JACK2 will be based on C++ jackdmp code base. Jack 1.9.2 is the "renaming" of jackdmp and the result of a lot of developments started after LAC 2008.

What is new:

- Solaris version with a new OSS backend (Yes We Can !!)
- New "profiling" tools, allowing to better understand/measure the temporal behaviour of the system.
- Rework the mutex/signal classes.
- Support for BIG_ENDIAN machines in NetJack2.
- D-BUS based device reservation to better coexist with PulseAudio on Linux.
- Add auto-connect parameter in netmanager and netadapter.
- Use Torben Hohn PI controler code for adapters.

JACK 1.9.1 released

Future JACK2 will be based on C++ jackdmp code base. Jack 1.9.1 is the "renaming" of jackdmp and the result of a lot of developments started after LAC 2008.

What is new:

- A lot of improvements and bug fixes in NetJack2, that is now working more reliably.
- Synchronize the JACK2 codebase with recent changes in JACK1 API (in particular some thread related functions as well as ALSA backend, ring buffer code...)
- A lot of small bug fixes and improvements everywhere.

JACK 0.116.2 released (32/64 JACK MIDI bugfix)

This release features fixes to make JACK MIDI work between mixed 32bit and 64bit JACK server and clients. This functionality was omitted from previous 32/64 bit work. There are also some minor improvements in netjack. If you are not using JACK MIDI in a mixed 32/64 environment, you probably do not need to upgrade, but no other areas of JACK have been altered, so an upgrade will not change existing behaviour. Thanks to Torben Hohn for his work on this release.

JACK 0.116.1 released (netjack bugfix)

JACK 0.116.1 is now released. It contains a critical bugfix for the netjack driver discovered last night. There are no other changes between this and 0.116.0. Apologies to any distribution packagers who jumped on the 0.116.0 release (but thanks also for your attention).

JACK 0.116.0 released

On behalf of the JACK development community, I am happy to announce the release of JACK 0.116.0. This is an important release, because it fixes all the problems reported with 0.115.6 and now makes 0.109.2 completely obsolete. Nobody should be using 0.109.2 within a few weeks, and even that is only to allow for distributions to update.

As usual, upgrading to this new version does not require clients to be rebuilt or relinked. Packagers should note that there really are manpages for most of the "tools" clients now (unlike the claim in 0.115.6). These manpages will improve as we get closer to 1.0, as will netjack which remains a hotbed of development activity thanks to Torben.

Changes since 0.115.6

(in rough order of importance)

  • compile on OS X
  • fixed deadlock in jack when handling multiple vanishing clients
  • netjack now supports CELT codec to allow use over DSL/WAN
  • many fixes and redesign for netjack code
  • add missing changes for mixed 32/64-bit server/client support
  • make dynamic SIMD work on OS X
  • man pages for most toolkit clients
  • transport control client added to toolkit clients
  • build system notably cleaned up and stabilized

JACK 0.115.6 released

On behalf of all those work on JACK, I am happy to announce the release of JACK 0.115.6.

(corresponding to svn rev 3132)

Qualitatively speaking, this is the best and most stable version of JACK ever released. It fixes many problems with the 0.109.2 release (which in truth should probably never have been allowed out of the door), as well as improving many areas of JACK. The list of changes below summarizes the changes over the last 10 months.

New release : Jack 0.109.2

As always, releasing reveals issues... and then they get solved... so we release...

Jack 0.109.2


* fix use of popen() to work on systems that reset PATH for popen'ed command (e.g. OS X)
* USX2Y driver updates to enable JACK MIDI devices to show up
in raw-usb mode (previously, raw-usb mode didn't initialize
or call MIDI drivers properly).
* revert name of ALSA audio backend to "alsa_pcm" so that pre-0.109 connection information can be used again.
* add disgusting kludge so that "ALSA:...." port names continue to work, thus not breaking connection information for 0.109

New release : Jack 0.109.0


API changes:
* add jack_thread_wait API
* remove port_(un)lock functions
* add new time APIs
* add port aliases
* add new client registration callback
* add port connect callback

* ALSA: fix for use of snd_pcm_link
* ALSA: hardware jack-midi support
* ALSA: fix for enabling big-endian 16bit format discovery
* FreeBoB: fix deallocation segfault
* FireWire: add 'firewire' backend for use with FFADO
* OSS: add support for proper triggering in OSS driver when in full duplex mode
* ALSA: fix illegal use of ALSA API
* OSS: disable software mixing and samplerate conversions on OSS 4.x
* CoreAudio: fix sample rate management

* make /dev/shm the default tmpdir
* add -Z flag to cancel zombification on timeout
* add per-port update total latency
* increment default watchdog timeout to 10sec

New release : Jack 0.103.0

Fixed broken --disable-freebob config option.
Jack now reads the global config file.
Fix for jack_midiseq.
For for HPET code to use 32-bit reads on all platforms, for atomicity reasons.
Directly accessing Jack port internal structure is forbidden.
Minor fixes for midi support.
Fix for freebob driver crash.
Fix for alsa usb interleave_skip handling.
Fix for memory leak in ringbuffer.
Fix for shutdown segfault fix.
Added -lpthread to jack.pc so that clients which don't use pthreads will still get -lpthread in their link step.
New parameters for freebob driver. Check help for details.

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