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JACK 0.121.1 released

JACK 0.121.1 has been released. This is a release-bug-fix release, because the 0.121.0 release failed to include a required header (it would have failed to build) and also didn't correctly handle the new python directory included in the tarball. There is no change in JACK's functionality whatsoever.

JACK 0.121.0 released

JACK 0.121.0 is now available. and it contains a couple of important bug fixes, a small but nice new piece of functionality, and some unfinished work. Read more below for the details.

JACK 0.120.2 released

Jack 0.120.2 is now available. This is primarily a bug fix release, though some of the bugs are important.

JACK 1.9.7 released

Continuing the JACK2 serie. Jack 1.9.7 is API compatible with latest Jack 0.120.1 version.

What is new:

- Sync JackAlsaDriver::alsa_driver_check_card_type with JACK1 backend.
- Correct JackServer::Open to avoid a race when control API is used on OSX.
- Improve backend error handling: fatal error returned by Read/Write now cause a Process failure (so a thread exit for blocking backends).
- Recoverable ones (XRuns..) are now treated internally in ALSA, FreeBob and FFADO backends.
- In jackdmp.cpp, jackctl_setup_signals moved before jackctl_server_start.

JACK 0.120.1 released

JACK 0.120.1 represents more than a year of incremental development on JACK1. The majority of the work has been done by Torben Hohn, and includes the totally new Session API and the revised latency tracking API, along with a quite a few other fixes, API clarifications and new utilities. Read more below for full details.

JACK 1.9.6 released

Continuing the JACK2 serie.

- Improve JackCoreAudioDriver and JackCoreAudioAdapter : when no devices are described, takes default input and output and aggregate them.
- Correct JackGraphManager::DeactivatePort.
- Correct JackMachServerChannel::Execute : keep running even in error cases.
- Raise JACK_PROTOCOL_VERSION number. Arnold Krille firewire patch.
- Raise JACK_DRIVER_PARAM_STRING_MAX and JACK_PARAM_STRING_MAX to 127 otherwise some audio drivers cannot be loaded on OSX.
- Fix some file header to have library side code use LGPL.

JACK 1.9.5 released

Continuing the JACK2 serie.

- Dynamic choice of maximum port number.
- More robust sample rate change handling code in JackCoreAudioDriver.
- Devin Anderson patch for Jack FFADO driver issues with lost MIDI bytes between periods (and more).
- Fix port_rename callback : now both old name and new name are given as parameters.
- Special code in JackCoreAudio driver to handle completely buggy Digidesign CoreAudio user-land driver.
- Ensure that client-side message buffer thread calls thread_init callback if/when it is set by the client (backport of JACK1 rev 3838).
- Check dynamic port-max value. Fix JackCoreMidiDriver::ReadProcAux when ring buffer is full (thanks Devin Anderson).

JACK 1.9.4 released

Continuing the JACK2 serie: Jack 1.9.4 is API synched with JACK 0.118.0. Fix a lot of more or less important bugs, especially on OSX with much better support off CoreAudio devices (input/output devices "internally" aggregated, hog mode...etc...).

- Solaris boomer backend now working in capture or playback only mode.
- Add a -G parameter in CoreAudio backend (the computation value in RT thread expressed as percent of period).
- Use SNDCTL_DSP_SYNCGROUP/SNDCTL_DSP_SYNCSTART API to synchronize input and output in Solaris boomer backend.
- Big endian bug fix in memops.c.
- Fix issues in JackNetDriver::DecodeTransportData and JackNetDriver::Initialize.

JACK 0.118.0 released

Due to a very shortsighted error on my part, we are re-releasing JACK today with a very minor change to ensure continuing compatibility between JACK 1 and JACK 2. The new release 0.118.0 differs from 0.117.0 by replacing the newly added -L command line switch (--no-realtime) with -r, since -L was already in use in JACK 2. There were also two minor code cleanups that do not affect functionality. LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS: PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE 0.117.0 - we want QJackctl and other similar tools to have a single command line argument set

JACK 0.117.0 released

JACK 0.117.0 has been released and is available here. There is one API addition, some significant implementation improvements in netjack1, and some important command line changes which will affect all JACK GUI control applications (such as qjackctl). Thanks to Torben Hohn for his continuing work on netjack1 and Florian Faber for the new sanity checking tests. Please report issues to the JACK mailing list.

  • jackd now runs in realtime mode by default. the use of -R is no longer necessary. Use -L to run in non-realtime-scheduling.
  • if you build JACK from source, the configure step will halt if you appear to be trying to install JACK in parallel with an existing version
  • new run-time sanity checks. These are platform dependent, but on Linux JACK will check:
    • user can run with realtime priority (if JACK is going to run with RT scheduling)
    • memory locking is allowed and not unlimited
    • if using the TSC as a clock source, check that CPU frequency scaling is disabled

    If any of them are not satisfactory, jackd will print appropriate information
    to the screen, and exit with an error status. Use --no-sanity-checks or -N to disable
    these tests. There is likely
    some room for improvement in the heuristics they use, and possibly adding further runtime
    testing to ensure that JACK is likely to run correctly for the user.

  • internal design of the alsa_io utilities revised, with substantial improvements. These clients
    can be configured with the same settings as you could use with jackd itself (e.g. -dhw:0 -p128 -n2),
    which previously would not have been stable. Also, the resampling quality (via libsamplerate) is
    now configurable if you need/wish to reduce CPU usage. See their respective man pages for details.
  • netjack1 improvements:
    • driver command line options are more consistent with other backends and with jack_netsource,
      They are also documented on the man pages for the net backend and jack_netsource.
    • make it all work even better (you probably don't care about the details)
    • some options which allow the netjackconnect script to pierce a
      firewall and tell netjack which ports to use.
    • support for CELT 0.7.0 (note that CELT is subject to fairly
      frequent updates and if you use this for a WAN connection,
      both ends must be using the same version of CELT - it does
      not provide for any version detection or back-compatibility).
    • CELT bandwidth is now configured in Kbits per second, instead of bytes per
      period, which made the quality and bandwidth depend on periodsize.
    • the client name of jack_netsource is now "netjack"
  • New JACK API function: jack_on_info_shutdown(). This is very similar to the existing jack_on_shutdown(), but if used, JACK will deliver some information about the reason for the shutdown to the client. This reflects our realization that, particularly on OS X, there are reasons why JACK might shut down that have nothing to do with client behaviour (e.g. an audio interface is unplugged or taken over by another application with new settings). See the documentation for more details.

Torben is working on web-based system for setting up WAN netjack connectivity. More news will follow on this front.

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