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JACK 1.9.9 released

Jack 1.9.9 is API compatible with latest Jack 0.121.3 version.

What is new:

- Adrian Knoth fix in midiseq.c.
- Fix library symbols export issue.
- Cleanup drivers and internals loading code.
- jackctl_driver_params_parse API moved in public control.h.
- More general drivers/internals loading model on Windows.
- Factorize code the server/client request in JackRequestDecoder class.
- More robust server/client protocol. Implement shutdown for in server clients.
- Better time-out management in NetJack2.
- Experimental system port alias use in Windows JackRouter.
- Improve ShutDown in NetManager.
- Correct ShutDown in JackInternalClient and JackLibClient.
- Fix NetJack2 initialisation bug. Add EndTime function (especially for Windows).
- Rename JackProcessSync in JackPosixProcessSync.
- A bit more robust JackMessageBuffer implementation.
- Check server API callback from notification thread.
- Use a time-out in notification channel write function.
- Fix lock management in JackEngine.
- In control API, UNIX like sigset_t replaced by more abstract jackctl_sigmask_t * opaque struct.
- Improve libjacknet master mode.
- Remove JACK_32_64 flag, so POST_PACKED_STRUCTURE now always used. POST_PACKED_STRUCTURE used for jack_latency_range_t type.
- Rework JackMessageBuffer.
- [firewire] Introduce UpdateLatencies() in FFADO backend.
- [firewire] Allow FFADO backend to change the buffer size.
- Update waf.
- New jack_get_cycle_times() implementation from Fons Adriennsen.
- Align buffers to 32 byte boundaries to allow AVX processing.
- Extend jack_control to have parameter reset commands.
- Fix alsa driver parameter order.
- Control API: Enforce driver/internal parameter order.
- Fix in ALSA adapter.
- Devin Anderson patch for Jack/CoreMIDI duplicated messages.
- Change framework installation hierarchy for OSX Mountain Lion.
- Update JackCoreAudioDriver and JackCoreAudioAdapter with more recent API.
- jack_control: fix epr command.
- Add opus support to NetJack2.
- More robust channel mapping handling in JackCoreAudioDriver.
- netjack1/netone opus support. controlapi: fix double free on master switch.
- Use string ids in the alsa device list. netjack/opus: don't re-init en/decoders.
- Correct JackPortAudioDriver::Open : special case for ASIO drivers.
- waf: configure option for enforcing autostart method
- ALSA devices reservation fixes.