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JACK 1.9.8 released

Jack 1.9.8 is API compatible with latest Jack 0.121.3 version.

This is the first version that contains the new MIDI driver model developed by Devin Anderson in spring of this year. This includes the Linux FFADO driver, the Mac OSX CoreMIDI driver, the Windows WinMME driver, and a new Linux 'alsarawmidi' slave driver that can run alongside other master drivers (i.e. FFADO).

Mixed 64/32 bit mode is not available on Windows, allowing 32 bits and 64 bits applications to be used with a 64 bit JACK server. Two versions of the JackRouter JACK/ASIO bridge allows to "jackify" 64 or 32 bit ASIO applications.

What is new:

- Merge newer-midi branch (Devin Anderson redesign of the MIDI drivers: alsarawmidi, ffado, coremidi and winmme).
- Correction in jackdmp.cpp: notify_server_stop should be done after server destruction.
- Correct driver lifetime management.
- Add XRun detection in PortAudio driver.
- CELT code for NetJack2.
- Merge branch switch-master-port-registration-notifications: correct driver port registration.
- Libjacknet in progress.
- Correct MIDI in NetJack2.
- Correct OSX real-time thread setup.
- Correct rd_acquire in dbus code.
- Correct NetJack2 connection handling.
- SaveConnections/RestoreConnections in NetDriver and JackAudioDriver.
- Special version of jack_attach_shm/jack_release_shm on client side for POSIX shared memory, to solve a memory leak issue.
- Another round of code improvements to handle completely buggy Digidesign CoreAudio user-land driver.
- Special CATCH_CLOSE_EXCEPTION_RETURN to handle Close API calls.
- Add JACK_NETJACK_PORT and JACK_NETJACK_MULTICAST environment variables for NetJack2.
- NetJack2 now only send data on network only is ports are connected both sides.
- Fix for "starting two instances of same app in parallel does not work" bug.
- Enable explicit channel mapping in CoreAudio driver.
- New JackTimedDriver class to be used by JackDummyDriver, JackNetDriver and JackNetOneDriver classes.
- More robust code in synchronization primitives and in JackMessageBuffer.
- More robust Control API implementation.
- Add jackctl_driver_get_type in Control API.
- Singleton behaviour for JackCoreMidiDriver and JackWinMMEDriver.
- John Emmas patch for DSP CPU computation.
- John Emmas Windows server launching patch.
- Fix jack_set_port_name API.
- Enable local access in NetJack2 code.
- Dynamic port management in JACK/CoreMidi bridge.