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JACK 0.120.2 released

Jack 0.120.2 is now available. This is primarily a bug fix release, though some of the bugs are important.


  • Fix issues with stack initialization in client threads that stole large chunks of the stack from applications.
  • if the ALSA backend finds that a device is busy, try to tell the user what application(s) are using it (via stderr).
  • Reimplement the jack_cycle_wait/jack_cycle_signal() API for OS X, where in previous versions it was completely non-functional.
  • extended documentation for the transport API data structures.
  • extended documentation for the JACK Session API
  • more useful warning message when duplicate port registration is attempted
  • fix logic for setting up device parameters in the ALSA backend (fixes JACK startup on some ALSA-supported devices that would report "impossible sample width (1) discovered" during startup).