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JACK 1.9.3 released

Future JACK2 will be based on C++ jackdmp code base. Jack 1.9.3 is the "renaming" of jackdmp and the result of a lot of developments started after LAC 2008.

What is new:

- New JackBoomerDriver class for Boomer driver on Solaris.
- Add mixed 32/64 bits mode (off by default).
- Native MIDI backend (JackCoreMidiDriver, JackWinMMEDriver).
- In ALSA audio card reservation code, tries to open the card even if reservation fails.
- Clock source setting on Linux.
- Add jackctl_server_switch_master API.
- Fix transport callback (timebase master, sync) issue when used after jack_activate (RT thread was not running).
- D-Bus access for jackctl_server_add_slave/jackctl_server_remove_slave API. Cleanup "loopback" stuff in server.
- Torben Hohn fix for InitTime and GetMicroSeconds in JackWinTime.c.
- New jack_free function added in jack.h.
- Reworked Torben Hohn fix for server restart issue on Windows.
- Correct jack_set_error_function, jack_set_info_function and jack_set_thread_creator functions.
- Correct JackFifo::TimedWait for EINTR handling.
- Move DBus based audio device reservation code in ALSA backend compilation.
- Correct JackTransportEngine::MakeAllLocating, sync callback has to be called in this case also.
- NetJack2 code : better error checkout, method renaming.
- Tim Bechmann patch : hammerfall, only release monitor thread, if it has been created. Tim Bechmann memops.c optimization patches.
- In combined --dbus and --classic compilation code, use PulseAudio acquire/release code.
- Big rewrite of Solaris boomer driver, seems to work in duplex mode at least.
- Loopback backend reborn as a dynamically loadable separated backend.