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JACK 1.9.2 released

Future JACK2 will be based on C++ jackdmp code base. Jack 1.9.2 is the "renaming" of jackdmp and the result of a lot of developments started after LAC 2008.

What is new:

- Solaris version with a new OSS backend (Yes We Can !!)
- New "profiling" tools, allowing to better understand/measure the temporal behaviour of the system.
- Rework the mutex/signal classes.
- Support for BIG_ENDIAN machines in NetJack2.
- D-BUS based device reservation to better coexist with PulseAudio on Linux.
- Add auto-connect parameter in netmanager and netadapter.
- Use Torben Hohn PI controler code for adapters.
- Client incorrect re-naming fixed : now done at socket and fifo level.
- Virtualize and allow overriding of thread creation function, to allow Wine support (from JACK1).