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JACK Developer Information

Want to use JACK in your software? Great, grab the source and see the docs.

Want to get involved? How about getting on the lists. Paul Davis is the maintainer of this project.

Found a bug? Use the bugtracker or send your report to the mailing lists.

Starting to develop? Don't forget to read README.developers.

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Jack was inspired by and partially designed during discussions on the Linux Audio Developers mailing list. Particularly significant contributions to those discussions came from (in alphabetical order):

  • Paul Davis
  • Richard G√ľnther
  • David Olofson
  • Benno Sennoner
  • Kai Vehmanen

Paul Davis was the principal author of the Jack API and of its sample implementation. Very significant contributions have been made by:

  • Kai Vehmanen
  • Jack O'Quin
  • Bob Ham
  • Steve Harris
  • Stephane Letz
  • Taybin Rutkin
  • Ian Esten

Jack O'Quin frequently acted as the primary maintainer of JACK for long periods, and has contributed many new interfaces and bug fixes.

Stephane Letz ported JACK to OS X and wrote the new C++ SMP-aware implementation jackdmp. He and Johnny Petrantoni created JackOSX, including JACK and utilities for OS X.

Taybin Rutkin manages our releases.

Rui Nuno Capela wrote the fantastic JACK control application "qjackctl".

Others who have contributed to JACK in ways large and small: Andy Wingo, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano, Jeremy Hall, Steve Harris, Martin Boer, Melanie Thielker, Jussi Laako, Tilman Linneweh, Karsten Weise, Lee Revell, Jesse Chappel